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Halstruc is the premier concrete construction specialist in Texas. We offer the highest quality in planning, execution, project management, and physical construction in our industry. Thank you for considering HalStruc for your next exciting project!
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Name: Kevin Halas
Title: Director
Phone: (281) 814-2436
Email: kevin@halstruc.com

About Kevin

As the Director of Halstruc, Inc., Kevin’s primary function is work hand in hand with the developer to establish project budget and timelines while working together with pre-construction, operations, and key personnel on all projects from conception to fruition.

Kevin began his career in construction at the tender age of 13 working Summers with his father at his construction company. Kevin was general laborer where his father taught him much about business ethics and the soundness of a solid days work. Kevin began his career full-time at the age of 17 realizing that experience in the field was equal to if not more valuable than time spent with academic pursuits and daunting hours studying philosophical elements of the construction business. This hands-on approach yielded unparalleled experience and the honest fruit of hard labor.

Kevin is husband of his bride, Kim, for 23 years and together have 5 children (ranging from 9 years old to 30 years old). Family is a priority to Kevin as he views it as a gift from God, to be nurtured, cherished and strengthened. Knowing a thing or two about foundations, family is one of the most foundational components of Kevins life.

Of utmost importance is Kevin’s faith. Having grown up in a “religious family,” Kevin was deterred from pursuing God because of the perceived hypocrisy of people in the church. It was not until later that Kevin recognized that his life was not his own. Kevin saw the reality of God and how his life was ordained with purpose. Form that point forward Kevin experienced a phoenenix-like rebirth that comes from Christ and Christ alone. Kevin attends Bear Creek Church and Charis City Church in Katy, Texas. Kevin serves the LORD in all aspects of his life, ministry is more than than just Bible studies to Kevin, instead, he lives ministry in his work, his marriage, his relationships and every facet of his life.

For fun, Kevin enjoys spends time with his family, but really enjoys the outdoors, fishing, hunting and other adventurous activities. He and Kim, along with the rest of the family are “foodies” and enjoy eating out at various restaurants. But one of their favorite things is cooking together as a family. Kevin and his family enjoy traveling. Many times business requires travel, but when they can get away together and travel apart from business they do. On Kevin’s travels he frequently entertains clients and finds joy in fellowshipping with those he serves.

Kevin is an avid music lover and his favorite is music from the band Blue October. Kevin is particularly fond of the lyrics from the song, “Time Changes Everything,” which states, “Fake it till you make it, consistency the yoke, you live like somebody’s watching you, if  you’ll be the egg that never broke.”

Kevin enjoys Christ’s first miracle so much that he considers himself an amateur wine connoisseur (predominantly reds- Cabernet’s). All things in moderation, of course.

`{`Mat 6:33-34 CSB`}` 33 ``But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be provided for you. 34 ``Therefore don't worry about tomorrow, because tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.