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Halstruc is the premier concrete construction specialist in Texas. We offer the highest quality in planning, execution, project management, and physical construction in our industry. Thank you for considering HalStruc for your next exciting project!
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Robert Locke Senior Project Manager Halstruc

Name: Robert Locke
Title: Senior Project Manager
Phone: (832) 414-0220
Email: kevin@halstruc.com

About Robert

Robert plays a vital role in issuing subcontracts, purchasing material, managing project budgets, new hires, and overall field support.

I have extensive experience in managing and estimating multimillion-dollar commercial projects as a General Contractor as well as a subcontractor.  My experience in underground utilities, concrete and project management add a nice dynamic to our production team when forecasting schedules and labor productivities.  With over 12 years of experience in the construction industry I have been blessed to partake in the expansion of our community infrastructure by participating in projects such as new city fire stations, hospital remodels, warehouse distribution centers, Multi-family apartment complexes, retail centers, storage facilities, and schools.

My time is spent surrounded by my 2 children and my wife of 10 years.  We enjoy outdoor activities like swimming, grilling, football, and gymnastics.  My hobbies include playing guitar, playing airsoft, watching supercross, and playing chess.

Working with Halstruc has been a breath of fresh air and truly separates itself from any company I have worked with.  As a family oriented Christian based company, Halstruc aligns with the morals and values I was raised on.  It is truly fulfilling to work with a team of people that work for more than just a profit.  Between the service driven mentality to the giving back within our community, there is no better team to be apart of.

One unique aspect of working with Halstruc is the Founder and Leader of this wonderful company.  I have always heard that you are the sum of the 5 people you hang out with most so always keep good company.  This could not be more evident than it is under the umbrella of the Halstruc name. The art of positive reinforcement, team support, and operating with honesty and good faith is what makes this company so exceptional.

We will continue building this company upon the pages of the good book with aspirations to change the lives of our employees, clients, and those in need.  The mission goes beyond ourselves, that is Halstruc.

“When the weight of the world gets to heavy to stand, just kneel.”