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  • Baloon Garlands


    Add an exquisite Balloon Garland to your yard sign to add that extra punch to your greeting. These can be hung externally or in your home. Balloon garlands are an excellent choice for any yard sign message. From welcome home yard signs to happy birthday yard signs, adding a balloon garland to the theme is an amazing way to to take your greeting to the next level.

    Our balloon garlands come in the following sizes:

    6′ Balloon Garland
    10′ Balloon Garland
    16′ Balloon Garland

  • Birth Announcement Yard Sign


    9 months of waiting and the day has finally arrived. You have your bags packed and in a few short days you’ll be back home with a new precious bundle of joy. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if she came home to a beautifully crafted yard sign, congratulating her for the amazing labor of love. You might even want to throw in a couple of birthday signs while your at it. Wait…twins…no problem. We have signs for everyone in your beautiful new family!

    Great job Mom and Dad (mostly mom) and Welcome to Earth little one(s)!

  • Custom Yard Signs Katy Texas


    Custom yard signs are a great way to share your message to your family, friends and neighbors that expresses what you want to say in an attractive, and classy way. No matter the occasion, I SAW THAT SIGN can deliver a quality yard sign arrangement with your special message.

  • Gender Reveal Yard Signs Katy Texas


    Pink or Blue…it’s up to you! Well…technically it depends on men and whether or not they have X or Y chromosomes in their….

    Yes….Yard Signs…Okay, so we also offer a gender reveal sign. You can do all pink or all blue, you can even throw your guests off by mixing them up. However you choose to do your gender reveal, nothing says “the party is here,” like a custom gender reveal sign from I SAW THAT SIGN!

  • Happy Anniversary Yard Sign


    And just like that…together another year. Through the good times and the bad, you have worked together to build a lifetime of memories that began when you said, “I do.” Now you want to celebrate another milestone and really make that special day even more special. But how? 

    Glad you asked!

    At I Saw That Sign we specialize in quality color printed yard signs for every occasion. Our Happy Anniversary package includes the words:

    HAPPY |   #of years  | ANNIVERSARY

    But can be customized to include names or special anniversary messages.



  • Happy Birthday Yard Sign


    Happy Birthday to You…Happy Birthday….to You…Happy Birthday Dear….

    Oh..wait, you are looking for a great way to wish your loved one the happiest of happy birthdays? Well, a yard sign is a great way to send your greeting that will show the world (well…at least your neighbors), but most importantly that birthday boy or girl how much thought you put into showing them just how much they mean to you. At I SAW THAT SIGN, we can help you create that message and deliver a customized Happy Birthday yard sign to your front yard! But wait…there’s more! You might also consider adding a balloon garland to the mix. It is scientifically proven that balloons go great with birthday parties and birthday cake…just saying!

  • Quinceañera Yard Signs Katy Texas


    Quinceañera…Feliz Quinceañera! Nothing says “You Go Girl” like a Quinceañera yard sign on their 15th birthday! She is going to love seeing how much you put into her special day with a beautifully crafted Quinceañera yard sign from I SAW THAT SIGN.

  • Welcome Home Yard Sign Katy Texas


    You can feel the anticipation building as the hands on the clock tick away to that moment you’ve all been waiting for! They are finally coming home from school, or military, or college, or…. well… you get the point. Nothing says welcome home like a yard sign that says…well…”WELCOME HOME!” They will be honored, touched, and super-excited to know that you went out of your way to welcome them back to the place where they know they are loved. I SAW THAT SIGN can help you craft the perfect message for your welcome home yard sign. It’s pretty easy really…we just add a name to the end of the welcome home sign. Whatever your welcome home message might be, we are ready to help you make it a reality, just in time for the guest of honor to arrive.